A Message from your Board

Hello to all of our pool members and friends,

This is the note that we did not want to have to write this summer, when Forestbrooke – our wonderful neighborhood pool – celebrates 60 years of providing friendship, swim and competitive kids teams to our community. 

Our board met Wednesday night to make a decision on what we could do this season. As you all know, COVID-19 is creating similar situations all over the country. Michigan has not made a decision on when or if pools can open, and it’s up to individual clubs and municipalities to make forecasts. 

We considered every option available to us. Guiding us were results of our recent member survey, where we asked who would be comfortable joining this season if we were able to open and what rates would make it feasible. At the same time, we used financial modeling to determine costs for a shorter season. High-ticket items like water, disinfecting chemicals and labor pushed anticipated losses toward the total of our entire fund balance. And, ultimately, we understood that most of you hold reservations about how any season could fully accomplish safety goals. 

Forestbrooke will not open this summer. As hard as that is to say, we are actively making plans so that our member community can gather safely during coming months and remain connected to all of the families and friends who make our pool experience special. Aaron Kraft and Jimmy Alcumbrack McDaniel will lead that effort. 

We all look forward to a time when we do not have to put our lives on pause while the world battles this new virus. And we all will work hard within the next year to make our pool as strong as ever to start the season in 2021.

We promise to stay in touch and want to hear from you as you have concerns, ideas for gatherings and other thoughts about what should be next for our nonprofit community pool.  We’re grateful to all of you for your support.

Be well,
Forestbrooke Athletic Club Board

Forestbrooke Community Cares