EMPLOYMENT NEEDS for the 2017 Season

Life Guard/Pool Attendant
Applicant must be an excellent swimmer along with possessing certification in lifesaving particularly the Red Cross Advanced Lifesaving Certificate. Specific training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is also one of the prerequisites for this position. Lifeguards need to be Lifeguard Certified by Opening Day, May 27, 2017.
• Maintain continuous surveillance of people in swimming pool
• Ensure appropriate headcount of people involved in a water-sport on an hourly basis
• Call out warnings to people who are in danger
• Supervise swimmers to ensure that they are swimming within the safety protocols
• Spot hazards or potential hazards and take measures to prevent accidents
• Control and report unruly behavior and evict individuals not adhering to behavior protocols
• Perform rescues in the event of drowning or swimming accidents
• Perform first aid and CPR according to the demands of adverse situations
• Perform pool chemical checks to ensure safety and hygiene
• Maintain accurate records of pool use and chemical levels
• Teach swimming techniques and safety education to new swimmers
• Check safety of rescue tubes and buoys and perform needed maintenance
• Ensure that all pool equipment is stored safely and that any lost items are kept in a safe place
• Sell concessions to pool patrons when not on guard duty.
• Provide general maintenance and custodial, care including opening and closing, as directed by manager
• Communicate with guests regarding memberships, events and guest fees
• Other duties as assigned by the manager.

Applications should be sent to Mike Lemieux at Mlemieux@ymail.com. If you have questions please contact Mike at 734-323-7966.


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