Swim F.A.S.T. Flying Fishes!

The Forestbrooke Athletic Club’s Swim Team F.A.S.T. was established in 1960 and has been competing ever since. Questions about Swim and Dive team? Please reach out to this years Swim Parent, Aaron Kraft –ak.kraft@gmail.com or our Dive Parent, Celia Alcumbrack – alcumbra@umich.edu

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2018 Season Video
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Rory McDaniel – Co-Swim Coach
Rory McDaniel is a long-time Forestbrooke swimmer and plays on the varsity water polo team at Huron High School.  After almost 10 years of competing in the little 20 meter pool, she’s thrilled to be coming back to coach.  She loves the friendly atmosphere and hopes to preserve the tradition of community even through the COVID craziness, and can’t wait to start the season!

Elijah Peters – Co-Swim Coach
Hello my name is Elijah Peters and I have been a swimmer for about 8 years. I am graduating from Huron High school this summer and am looking forward to being a Forestbrooke Swim Team Coach this year.  šŸ™‚

Sophia Riegle – Assistant Swim Coach
Hi swimmers! My name is Sophia and I will be your assistant swim coach! I have been swimming and diving for Forestbrooke for around 5 years, but I have been swimming before that as well. I am going to be a Senior in the fall at Huron High School. On top of swimming and diving for Forestbrooke, I have been on the Huron Varsity Swim Team and Water Polo team for two years. I am looking forward to supporting swimmers this summer through a role as assistant coach!

Claire Bauer – Dive Coach

I have been a diving coach in WISC for 5 summers and I am so excited to spend my 6th summer with FAST. Iā€™m looking forward to getting to know all the divers and swimmers on the team this year!


The parent handbook is a must read resource for both new and returning swimmers and parents and guardians:

2021 Forestbrooke Parent Handbook



Please note: Pre-season SWIM practice is only one week long this year. The Swim coaches all have final school year commitments and can not be present at practices until the Monday June 7th practice.

June 2nd (Wed) and 4th (Fri) ~~~ No Pre-Season Swim practice!

Full team, Pre-season SWIM practice begins:

June 7th, 9th and 11th (4:15 to 5:15)

Regular Season Swim Practices begins on June 14th, Monday ā€“ Friday (by age group):

9 & 10:  8:00 ā€“ 9:00 am

11 & 12:  9:00 ā€“ 10:00 am

13 & up:  10:00 ā€“ 11:15 am

8 & under:  11:15 ā€“ noon

Scheduled holidays (no practice): Independence Day, July 5 (observed on Monday)

Meets: subject to change– Saturday June 26, July 3, July 10, July 17, July 24

Meet warm-ups start at 8 am and the meets start at 9 am.


Pre-season DIVE practice begins:: 

Tuesday, June 1st from 4-6 pm, Tuesday and Thursday. The two hours will be split into smaller groups based on age, experience and Covid-19 best practices.

Regular Season Dive Practices begin on Monday, June 14th and will run from June 14 – July 22, Monday – Thursday from 4-6pm, with meets usually on Fridays

Scheduled holidays (no practice): Independence Day, July 5th (observed on Monday) 

Meets: subject to change– Friday June 25th, July 2nd, Thursday July 8th, Friday July 16th and July 23rd 

Meet warm-ups start at 4 pm and the meets start at 5 pm. All dive meets are away meets.


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